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Mission Statement

Through dedicated, professional members, the Swift Creek Fire Department cares for and protects the lives and property of our community through incident response, comprehensive training, public education and fire prevention.


We believe the pursuit of excellence and upholding high professional standards are critical to our work. To ensure the best possible service for our community, we provide continuous training and promote professional development.

Professional Excellence

Health & Safety

We believe our health and safety, both mental and physical, are fundamental to fulfilling the Swift Creek Fire Department's mission, We are committed to providing quality health and safety programs for our members' well-being and operational preparedness.

Pride in Tradition

We treasure the foundations laid by the organizers of the Swift Creek Fire Department and by other firefighters before us. We respect the traditions of the fire service and honor comrades fallen in the performance of their duties.

Teamwork & Shared Leadership

We know well-functioning teams are more effective than individuals working separately; our lives depend on teamwork and each other. We believe all members have the capacity to lead, and the Swift Creek Fire Department values leadership at all levels. Teamwork and Shared leadership are integral to our organization, and we will seek out and respect the opinions of our members.

Effective Communication

We believe communication is essential to the cohesiveness and performance of the Swift Creek Fire Department. We are committed to providing effective and responsive communication throughout the organization and the community.


We are dedicated to reflecting and respecting diversity throughout the Swift Creek Fire Department. We respect the diversity of our community by providing dependable, compassionate, and quality service to all.


We understand the trust placed in us by the public and our colleagues is central to the performance of our duties. We are committed to moral, honest, and ethical behavior, and we will hold ourselves accountable to these principles, on and off duty.


We recognize and understand that the constancy of change in our community and industry impacts our operations daily. We are committed to seeking our and implementing innovative and progressive thinking to address change effectively to benefit those we serve and maintain operational readiness.

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